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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence solutions for diagnosis and monitoring of pathologies in Radiology, Surgery, Cardiology and Neurology.

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AI: a tool at the service of Radiology. Radiologists have a powerful ally in AI. It will allow them to perform advanced image analyses that are currently very difficult or time-consuming to carry out manually. This will allow them to have much more information at their disposal when making an accurate diagnosis.

AI should be seen as “a tool that improves Radiology”. “Like all powerful tools, the opportunities it creates depend more on its use than on the tool itself"”. “It can improve patient appointments, make it easier for the technician to place and acquire the image, improve radiological technique, reducing acquisition times, radiation dose or contrast dose. Of course, it is already an aid to diagnosis and, globally, it will improve the management and quality of radiology services. AI will bring about a major improvement in healthcare activity and will probably change the way medicine is done”1.


AI won't replace physicians, but physicians who use AI will replace physicians who don't2.


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